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A professional Life Coach since 2005, I work with individuals and groups to envision and achieve the life of their dreams. I completed my training through Dave Ellis Leadership and hold a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University.

I have had careers in business, education, and art, and every job I've had has prepared me to be a Life Coach. Working in advertising and office management gave me enormous respect for the challenges of the business world. As a teacher, I learned how to effectively communicate. And my event photography experience taught me how think creatively and quickly. 

Sports and travel have also been great teachers. I have enjoyed golf for decades, but only recently have made major improvements in my game because I have a new approach. I love what that says about possibility at any age. This kind of paradigm shift is what coaching is about.

Having visited indigenous cultures in Africa, Asia and South America, I’ve learned to use rituals to deepen our experiences. These practices add a playful, yet powerful element to life. I encourage celebrations with my clients to enrich their lives.

My family in Carmel Valley, California is the source of my deepest joy and wisdom, and I am grateful to live an exceptionally blessed life. My goal is to assist you in fulfilling your greatest aspirations and celebrating every step of the process.

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Why do people hire a Life Coach?

  • You want to make changes in your personal or professional life
  • You seek creative and effective insight for your goals
  • You want unconditional support in all or some aspects of your life
  • You want to have more fun

How often do I talk to a Life Coach and what is the cost?
How often depends on how quickly you would like results. Typically, my clients and I speak for an hour every week with emails in between. Within six months to one year, major goals can be accomplished. For less urgent goals, we can arrange less frequent meetings, but I recommend weekly communication to remain focused on results.

Charges are $1000 per unit - to be used within 4 months

One unit includes:
- 4 hours of in-person or phone time

- Detailed call notes sent to client
- Unlimited email exchanges
- Assistance crafting personal correspondence

- Review of pre- and post-coaching forms

What does a Life Coach do?
In my practice, my clients and I co-create action plans for achieving goals and desires. We also create monitoring systems to track progress. We use effective and fun communication techniques during our weekly meetings.

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Anna has a unique ability to understand what her clients are going through and thinking. She listens carefully and then gets her client to come up with ideas and suggestions. I was able to come up with a lot of ideas which have helped with personal relationships, my work environment and my family. The help was incredibly valuable and meaningful to me. I will look forward to calling my coach in the future when I feel "stuck" on a challenge.

- NG, Honolulu, Hawaii

Anna helps me to think big about my dreams and life goals, but she also teaches me to think small - to see how each day matters, so that I always feel like I'm making progress towards my goals.  I look forward to our calls as a weekly touchstone in my busy life.

I used to worry that setting goals would add too much stress to my busy life.  But with Anna, I've realized that my goals give me focus and help me eliminate the things in my life that I don't really need.  Thanks to Anna and our work together, I feel less stress and more of a sense of progress and accomplishment than I ever have before.

- BW, Washington, DC

The benefits of working with Anna Rheim as my life coach were very clear for me:

1.    Being able to speak to someone who has my best interests in mind. I appreciated the unbiased feed-back.

2.    Help with creating life strategies and keeping them on track.

3.    Talking to someone weekly who appreciates my crazy humor. It was always fun during our months of working together.

4.    More confidence now about my business and relationship direction. I have what I want clearly identified and written down.

- BS, Ojai, California

Anna has assisted me to constantly celebrate and look at what is working in my life instead of dwelling on what is not working.  She is someone I can count on and trust to follow through on what she promises me. She has helped me gain clarity in what I want in my relationship with my wife, my health and my business. Anna's wisdom and insight always comes at the exact right moment. I have worked with many coaches over the years and Anna has a unique ability to listen without giving me advice or telling me what to do. 

I am very thankful to have had Anna as my coach.  She walks her talk and is an inspiration to be around.

- MS, Chicago, Illinois



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